Quickly hide your private files, documents and folders. And don't merely hide individual files, secure any of your currently installed software totally! There's no need to "unhide" or "unlock" hidden software first to be able to run it! It remains totally invisible but still is able to work! And combine all this with unique Antiboss abilities: hide and restore hidden software windows and even tray icons with a customizable hotkey! Try it now!

Publisher description

Aether Antiboss is an ultimate all-in-one anti-prying eyes solution. Not only does it merely hide your files, folders, programs, documents, windows, it doesn't leave a chance for anyone to know that something is being hidden. Using Aether Antiboss you can make any particular software hidden on your computer and run it without revealing this fact to hostile parties. With Aether Antiboss all hidden software is invisible on the disk, it cannot be found, viewed, deleted and run by anyone besides you. And there's no need to "unhide" or "unlock" hidden software first to be able to run it. It remains totally invisible but still is able to work. How do you like the idea of having, for example, a chat program on your work computer and be sure that nobody can detect it, even if they will search for it throughout the hard disk? Even when they start your computer in Safe Mode? Moreover, when your hidden software is running, you can completely hide and restore all its windows and even tray icons in just a second, with a single keypress! To run a hidden program, you also can use customizable hotkeys - and no additional windows will be shown. Besides that, Aether Antiboss can completely hide any of your private documents and files! Just drag-n-drop the folder with these files and documents to the Aether Antiboss window and they all are hidden. Nobody will ever notice that they they exist on your disk. Aether Antiboss can hide individual files as well as whole folders with all their contents, including all subfolders. Aether Antiboss has a nice skinned appearance, and the interface is convenient and intuitive. And it is sold for a very reasonable price. Just $25. Aether Antiboss features (brief information) * completely hides any of currently installed software on your disk * hidden software can be run as usual without having to "unhide" it first * when hidden software is running, it remains completely invisible on the disk ...and many more.

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